Available in 2 sizes

650gm (1.4lbs) Brick, 5kg (11lbs) Block

An ideal bark medium for retaining moisture

An ideal bark medium that provides excellent aeration and structure while retaining moisture and nutrients for the plant, Down To Earth’s Coconut Husk Chips are perfect or orchids, bromeliads, anthuriums and any other plant that thrives in a bark, rock wool or clay medium. DTE Coconut Husk Chips are an environmentally friendly, renewable resource that is easy to use and completely biodegradable.

Made from Coconut Husks. Naturally weed and pathogen free. Neutral to slightly acidic pH

Coconut Husk Chips are pre-washed and compressed. Hydrate using clean water or a calcium magnesium solution to buffer CEC to desired levels. Allow to soak overnight, drain and rinse thoroughly before planting directly into or mixing with other media.

Add water slowly and let Coconut Husk Chips absorb and expand. Using hands or garden tools break up any large pieces and mix until water is completely absorbed. Use as an alternative bark medium or as a protective mulch.

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